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Carlos Alberto Montaner "finally" understands Lula da Silva and the Sao Paulo Forum

My friend Heitor de Paola writes on the disappointment of Carlos A. Montaner towards Lula.

Montaner wrote an article saying he´s "surprise" by the Lula´s alignment to the Castros. But wrote, in the same text the following:

Squandering Brazil's future
"Actually, Lula da Silva's behavior is not surprising. In 1990, when the Berlin Wall went down, the leader of the Workers Party hastened to create the Sao Paulo Forum with Fidel Castro to coordinate collaboration among all the violent and antidemocratic forces of Latin America. Among them were the narcoterrorist guerrillas of the FARC and the ELN in Colombia, a dozen communist parties in a dozen other countries, the FSLN in Nicaragua, the FMLN in El Salvador and the URGN in Guatemala."

So, Montaner always "knew" or he is surprised?

According to de Paola,

"The author does not decide: who is Lula? A communist ally of Fidel for 20 years? A man of weak intellect, the plaything of Marxist radicals? Someone who until recently followed the right path and was admired by the author and around the world and suddenly took the path of evil? This indecision made me change my point of view with respect to Montaner. Initially, for reasons I will clarify now, I thought I would treat him as a hypocrite and a liar. Then I realized that even a visit to Cuba, including the episode Zelaya, Montaner still believed in the theory developed by Stephen Johnson [[1]], the Heritage Foundation , on the existence of two in Ibero left: a 'carnivorous', represented by Chavez, and 'vegetarian', represented by Lula. I therefore believe that Montaner is not only a hypocrite, but also a 'Perfect Latin American Idiot', Century version."


"In an article published in Portuguese by newspaper 'O Estado de São Paulo' in 12/03/2010, 'Squandereding Brazil´s Future' Carlos Alberto Montaner said Lula disappointed him because this' adopted, cruelly, the view of his friend Fidel Castro. " He is general disappointment in international diplomacy, because, according assured 'a Latin American president who knows you well (as Lula), "" It seemed like Lula, with his sympathy and the good time that his country is experiencing, would turn Brazil great power in Latin America. False. He destroyed the possibility to align with the Castros, Chavez and Ahmadinejad. No nation relies more seriously in Brazil.

A careful reading of the text shows a major inconsistency. However Montaner says that Lula has adopted the view of Fidel - without saying when, looking like it was recently when he was in Cuba - now says that "the behavior of squid is not surprising 'and is a dissertation for the first time on the Forum Sao Paulo like authority on the subject - which, until then, peremptorily refused - to take in the end, the view that the President Lula and who knows, that it suffers from a 'painful fragility intellectual', and only 'a superstition attached to the union of the class struggle' and that 'takes the analysis of Marxist radicals who explained to her reality as a struggle between good and bad'. It also bets the hunch of a former U.S. ambassador that "Lula is a stubborn enemy of the West and, especially, the U.S., although it relates to hide it '.

In May 2005 when, at a Roundtable on Freedom Agenda for the Americas Atlas Liberty Forum in Miami, after defending the agenda based on the left, so-called moderate, to face the other left, so-called radical left with this gem: "I believe José Dirceu has changed his ideology." Since I and other Brazilians stunned Montaner discussed privately after the meeting, dropped the mask of arrogance and peremptory "believe" transmuted into a simple "for me, at least, it seems to be so". This episode is narrated in more detail in my article "The Three Stooges". Since then several articles written with grace and Salgueiro, Carlos Azambuja, Villamarin Pulido, Armando Valladares, Alejandro Esclusa - not to mention the countless texts Olavo de Carvalho and the original complaint by Professor Constantine Menges - most of which were sent to Montaner, and received with absolute silence."

See the full translated by google article here

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