Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Olavo de Carvalho Interviewed on Latin America and Socialism

Olavo de Carvalho explaining Latin America for dummies...

Olavo de Carvalho Interviewed on Latin America and Socialism

The Intelligencer: Do you expect 21st Century Socialism to continue without President Chavez’s leadership?
Olavo: Hugo Chávez never—I repeat never—was the leader of the continental left. The São Paulo Forum’s general assemblies make all the important decisions and completely run the show, and there has never been the slightest sign of any serious disagreement among the Forum members. Chávez was never more than a decoy. It was created and used by the São Paulo Forum, which  in due course, will know how to create many others like him.
The Intelligencer: If so, who do you see as taking the mantle of leadership for 21st Century Socialism in the post-Chavez era?
Olavo: I think the disappearance of Chávez from the political scence is very beneficial to the São Paulo Forum, which now can continue its operations while keeping a low profile till it finds it suitable to create a new poster boy.
The Intelligencer: Do you believe Chavismo politics will continue in Venezuela without major changes?
Olavo: Any antichavista government that rises to power in Venezuela will be surrounded, isolated, and ruthlessly attacked by its neighbors until it becomes completely inoperable. 


Anonymous said...

Like evolutionism and environmentalism, homosexual marriage and transgenderism are attacks on God's creation as described in Genesis and are the result of the same temptation of the devil, 'to be as gods'

Jessyca said...

It seems that Olavo de Carvalho advocates a revisionism of the Inquisition. See:

The Horrors of the Inquisition and Its Modern Advocates