Monday, January 31, 2005

WSF 2005 - the real face of "pacifist" youth

Saturday, 01/29/05 me and some friends made an exploratory mission to the heart of Social World Forum 2005: the youth´s encampment. What we see was a bunch a demi-numbed youth in the search of "experiences". Body experiences, I mean. In a dusty, waterless, hot, sintky site we saw the real impersonation of nowadays youngsters´ dreams: Stalin, Rose Luxemburg, Marx and mainly Guevara. To know exactly how come assassins, murders have turned into rebel young idols is a question to think. But is clear, or better, is a very concerning sign how thing are confused by leftist propaganda. All these youngsters consider themselves as "libertarian" but embraces full-deep totalitarian myths.
Other façade that ruined is the peaceful quality os these people: many women were rapped as the night fell in the encampment. People in Brazil are hunger for sex. And a lot of women decided to go to bath naked. In Europe and even in US it´s no big deal, but here... It´s an invite for sex to many brain-less young male, doped by junk and beer.
Here the photos from the "Vida Loca" HERE

I´ll try to put some english subtitles as soon as possible...

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