Thursday, January 27, 2005

Brazil: How good is to have terrorist friends if having a world champion soccer team is better?

For the second time around, soccer players take place of career-diplomats to help Brazil´s foreign affairs failures.

I hope Jose Vasconcelos (brazilian kidnapped in Iraq) can pass through all of this in good health, returning to Brazil as soon as possible, but the appalling revelations about the way Brazil is managing the case is highly suspect.

Brazilian newspaper "Zero Hora" has an article explaining the odds about the Brazilian diplomacy role in the case:

"The brazilian government´s conduction on the case of Joao jose de Vasconcelos kidnapping has ignited harsh reactions by senior diplomats, that considers the performance totally "amateur" and "scarcely professional". See the five points enumerated by them:

- Hesitation on Brazil´s embassy-Jordan to answer to the request from Odebrecht Constructer Co. to get in contact with iraqi officials.
- Foreing Affairs Minister Celso Amorin (the one who has "dandruff over his shoulders" as president Lula said) has spread a bulletin informing about president Lula´s call to Bachar al-Assad, President of Syria. This manouvre served to associated syrian officials with terrorism.
- Before contacting Syria, Brazil must had contacted the occupation forces in Iraq - US and UK - and other countries with the same problem - like France and Italy.
- The "public appeal" from Minister Celso Amorim was unconvincing and distant . Italy´s president (Carlo Azelio) had he himself, broadcasted a very convincing tv appeal, looking straight to the camera, for the liberation of italian citizens in Iraq.
- The decision to stablish a Jordanian base was wrong. It was better to do it in Bagdah"

But we are lucky after all to have a multi-championing national soccer team with persons like Ronaldo, that can save the day in the last minute. The reason? Read this.

Ronaldo appeals to Iraqi militants - (United Press International): "According to the editor, the majority of the militants in Iraq are young and fans of Brazilian soccer players such as Ronaldo and, of course, legendary soccer great Pele."

Comment: Brazil is friend of terrorist regimes. Is about time to prove if it association will lead to any good for at least one brazilian. Despite the unwillingness from the government towards the spare the life of a human being, it´s government obligation to protect any brazilian. The friends of Mr. Lula has to help him to keep his "statesman" appeal a little longer, at least in the face of international opinion.
But it seems that terrorists like us, at least our multi-championing soccet team.
Go, Ronaldo,go! Do what our chicken-socialist government seems not to intend to do: Bring our "boy" back home!!!

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