Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ban-Gun referendum: Brazil says "NO"

Today is a happy day in Brazil. Finally it seems that the battle is not totally lost.
There is something that's still alive behind decades of gramscian-lefty garbage spread by cultural influence agents.
The "NO" victory over the "YES" (the question was if "You agree with the total prohibition of firearms sales in Brazil?") is a smashing victory. Some exit polls rated it as 70%-30%. An outstanding victory.

But it was not what it seems only two months ago. At that time, some polls projected that "YES" will win over "NO" for more than 80% of the voters. What was involved was a group of powerfull groups: Major Media (TV Globo), Federal Government and even foreign entities like Ford Foundation, ONU and other NGO were figthing hard for "YES". But something gone wrong.

When the public campaign on tv started, people saw musicians, actors and famous-wannabes crying out platitudes or just stupidness towards guns ("guns kills", "it's the struggle between the macho-conservative old Brazil" - those who opted for "no" - "and the modern and democratic Brazil" - those who opted for "YES"). While the NO-supporters just fight for your right to buy and to keep a gun if you wanted - it's an universal right to defend ourselves in a time that government and police doesn´ t do their duties.

People started to get sick about those "shiny happy people" making the peace-dove symbol with their hands...

Nobody expected such change of public opinion. But it´ s done.

Those gramscian social-engineers at federal government had been defeated, at least for this time. But the battle is just begun?
I hope so.
Next year we have another presidential race. It is clear that this referendum got some Lula's Government trial colors.. Let's see.
I will keep to swimming against the red tide. It seems that next year, red's revenge could be harder....

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