Sunday, October 30, 2005

The sad ending of Fidel Castro:got busted giving money to big-banana president

Fidel Castro is in his all way down to decadance: in the sixties he was a big star on Mad magazine cover, by his strong anti-american position; Today he is on the cover of the main brazilian weekly magazine "Veja" because he gave away dollars to the brazilian president Lula campaing in 2002. In fact it was 3 million dollars hidden in bevarage boxes...

What a sad ending... From Alfred E. Neuman to Lula da Silva. Fidel, please, "don't feed the animals" (Lula is a brazilian word for "squid")
Check out Fidel decadance...

Far from the irony, this information is a real "bomb" and might explode worker's party and Lula da Silva expectation for next year. But it's a side effect derived from it. It proves that Lula da Silva is a real traitor of Brazil. He is not my president. He always acted as "São Paulo Forum" president instead of being the real President of Brazil.
Nowadays, it seems that all Latin America has just one man standing tall before his people: President Alvaro Uribe from Colombia.
The rest is in red's hands.


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Roberto Iza Valdés said...
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