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Brazilian Gramscian Revolution or How to be a invisible-communist

Brazilian Gramscian Revolution or How to be a invisible-communist

Openly declare your thankfulness, admiration, even send money to Fidel and still make people believe that you are not a communist

this article was published on website.

The first part is history by now. Deputy Roberto Jefferson denounced half-cabinet of Lula da Silva of being part of a huge corruption scheme based on purchasing support for government on deputy's house.

But now it's different. There's nothing to do with internal corruption. We are talking about a foreign help and intromission in Brazil's affairs.

Read what weekly magazine "Veja" published this week:

"Lula's campaign received money from Cuba

Dollars in beverage boxes went to Brasilia (capital) and Campinas (main city of São Paulo state) before reached the Lula's electoral committee in São Paulo. Two former Minister Palocci (economy) auxiliary, assured the story to VEJA. Rogério Buratti and Vladimir Poleto, that transported the money from Brasilia to Campinas in a "Seneca" plane. (Policarpo Junior)

The great interrogation not answered yet about the corruption scandal that involved PT( Worker 's Party) is what is the source of the money that boosted the hidden PT's safe?
This is the question that intrigues the parliamentary commissions and the police investigations. It can be that the PT's forbidden funds came from just one source, but is likely that it origined from various sources.

One of the Veja's investigations , that started four weeks ago, led to Fidel's island: Cuba. Yes. Cuba, where the money is scarce even to buy a door or to put water filter on schools, sent a money avalanche to help Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's presidential campaign in 2002. Details.

Between august and September of 2002 Lula's electoral committee received three million dollars that came from Cuba. The money was guarded by a Cuban named Sérgio Cervantes, known as diplomat in Rio and Brasilia.
From Brasilia, the money was led to Campinas by plane, in three beverage boxes (two boxes of Johnnie Walker whiskey and one box of Cuban Run). The person that took the money was Vladimir Poleto, an economist and former Palocci's auxiliary when he was Ribeirão Preto's Mayor.
In Campinas, the money was taken at the Viracopos airport by Ralf Barquete, another former Palocci's auxiliary from Ribeirão Preto. Barquete came on a blinded black Omega (GM's model), driven by Eder Eustaquio Soares Macedo. From Viracopos, they went to São Paulo (capital) to deliver the boxes at Lula's electoral committee, to PT's cashier Delubio Soares."

This is the core of what was published by Veja. Is it true? Aside from the involvement with Fidel and Chávez on "Sao Paulo Forum" (this relationship is always somehow avoided by the mainstream media in Brazil) these are the developments on the case:

This was published by the opposition blog of Cesar Maia


São Paulo, saturday , September , 27th 2003 -FOLHA SP

"Lula landed in Cuba with some economic gifts

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, 57, landed yesterday in Cuba with economic gifts to dictator Fidel Castro, 77. It will ease the payment of 20% from the debts of R$ 134 million from Cuba to Bank of Brazil and R$ 20 million will be invested by National Economic and Social Development Bank in an a plant that will produce fuel from alcohol."

Another news tell that Sergio Cervantes, the presumed Cuban agent that guarded the money in Brazil, flew back to Cuba in a hurry two days after "Veja" published its story.

But, despite these huge evidences, public is being mislead by the mainstream media that still support Lula: they all blame "Veja" as doing bad journalism and to accuse 'without proof".

But what is the core of "good journalism"? To publish the facts described by "Veja" in a almost ashamed way, only reprinting the text in internal pages while Cuba´s official denying is published in bolder letters on first page ?

This is the kind of press we have here.

"Veja" made good journalism. They described facts, names and dates.
It´s all a smoke curtain to avoid the media – specially the press – to show what´s going on in the basement of Lula´s government.
Today it´s the fifth day after "Veja" has published the subject and all I hear is people blaming the magazine, not the government!!
They try to make believe that´s all lies. That Lula is a candid & naive president, that he and his party are the impersonation of "ethic in politics".

But there are discordant voices:

According to Reinaldo Azevedo – editor of "Primeira Leitura" (First Reading) website
"The reaction to "Veja" talk more about the degradation of politics and the ideological serfdoom that we are being trampled than only corruption itself. In essence, it´s a matter of recognize that there are groups , that consider themselves as being above (and they MUST BE above) any kind of suspect, that the news that put them under disapproval of the public only worth if it has an official administrative act as a proof of evidence"

Another gunshot was provided by philosopher Olavo de Carvalho:

"Crime is not to denounce without final proof : crime is to demand final proof from the start to avoid that they could be found at the end of the process. This procedure is as much intolerable as you see that it comes from the same individuals and groups that, having promoted former president Collor´s impeachment in a hurry without waiting the justice to find the proof of any nature, do not have the minimum amount of honesty to regret in public from their former accusations when , one year later, justice sentenced that the proof simply did not exist. The same elements, in a kafkanian inversion, demand proof not only as pre-requisite to a investigative process (that is the target of any investigation) but as the condition required to ask an investigation, they reveal how hard is the perception in their hearts and minds in the belief that the law must be hard and demanding to their enemies and altruist and smooth to their own. This belief is the undeniable trace of a criminal mind"

Brazil is known as the land of Carnival. We like to use masks, but it´s time to take them off sometimes. We are used to believe in all kind of fairy tales, except the truth.
Only in Brazil that evidences are trade by wishfull thinking and the more reality bites, more people submerge deeper and deeper in their golden fantasies.
We do not need any "invisible" communist agent : we save their efforts, we paint them with evanescent ink ourselves. Only the fool can be fooled.

In a country like this, I hope gramsci´s communist revolution come ASAP!


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Another link:

What Was Castro Buying In Brazil?

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Anonymous said...

Well, you can be as right and conservative as you want, but pray be smart at least. Never thought that Cuba would rather use that amount of money themselves instead of helping a candidate that would win anyway in a country that's 100 times richer than they are? Be realist.

Luís afonso said...

Leftist are anything, but smart.
The fact that Brazil is richer than Cuba does not mean that Brazilian workers party is rich as Brazil.
Even CPUSA - a country ten times richer than URSS - received money from CPURSS.
Your comment is totally focused on platitudes about "poor countries" against "rich countries".
If even Fidel Castro himself is one of the most richest person in the world, it proves that your comment is totally detached from the reality.
Besides, in 2002 the money is not to assured the winner but to buy alliances with "centrist" parties and disguise PT´s as a new-centric party that abandonaded its former radicalism...
Logic. Pure and simple..