Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sao Paulo Forum strikes back: Brazilian Pres. Lula da Silva supports Evo Morales in Bolivian elections. No surprises.

Did anybody get surprised about Lula da Silva supporting Evo Morales, the "cocalero", on Bolivia? They have been comrades at Sao Paulo Forum for fifteen years!!

For the useful idiots, that think that Sao Paulo Forum is just a 'debate group' - with no decision nor political struggle features - the last Lula´s speech is - once more - crystal as water on the subject. Read these excerpts from the news.

On folha de Sao Paulo website at 11/30/05

"Look at what Chávez election meant to Venezuela. Just imagine what would mean if Evo Morales won the Bolivian election. They are extraordinary changes that even the most brilliant political scientists of our countries would not be able to write"

´O Globo from 11/30/05

"Lula supports Morales in Bolivia

PUERTO IGUAZÚ, Argentina. Three weeks ahead of the Bolivian elections, the Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva publicly declared yesterday (11/29/05) , his preference for the congressman and 'cocalero' leader Evo Morales. In a improvised speech, on the meeting with Argentina´s president, Néstor Kirchner, to celebrate 20th annivesary of Mercosul (common market of South America) , Lula assured that if Evo Morales won the election on December 18th , it would mean a extraordinary change in the region".

Comment : For those who believe in the 'canasta card game club' , I mean, 'debate group' version of Sao Paulo Forum, I bet: Show me one declaration, speech, intention or action from Brazilian president which is contrary to any resolution from Sao Paulo Forum. Or even opposed to other Forum´s participant. If there´s any, I will surrender to evidence. And I am going to dedicate myself to card games, too.


JRO said...

"Colombian elections"??? was that your typo or theirs?


Luís afonso said...

Is an incredible typo! Thanks!