Thursday, December 22, 2005

While Iraq is rising, Latin America is sinking: Bolivia on the spot

The victory of Evo Morales in Bolivia represents another fallback in the landscape of Latin America. The winner strategy from Sao Paulo Forum to take over the continent made Bolivia as its new victim. Is curious that the agent is always travestied as a people's man.
Just like Brazil (Lula was an union leader) Bolivia has chosen a man that is representative of the majority of its people: and indigenous leader.

It made all the sense: to make any kind of socialist revolution to work the process must be disguised as a spontaneous will from the people. The question is that Evo could turn out to be another Chávez or another Alejandro Toledo.

This review, made by Graça Salgueiro last sunday- on her website "Notalatina" give us some hint on the subject. We have reasons to be utterly worried...   

..And today another presidential election succeeded in Latin America, this time in a tumultuated and capricious Bolivia. The preferential candidate, according to the last polls,  was the  'cocalero' Evo Morales, with his 48% of voting share . Even if I still not confirmated the results, that only will be divulged tomorrow, we have no doubt that the Brazilian President Lula's and the Sao Paulo Forum candidate is the winner and I explain why.

In the 2002 elections Morales, despite the explicit support from the Sao Paulo Forum deliberations, lost the elections for Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada but he promised that he would make his government totally impracticable and he will not leave the scene so easily. Through the "nets" (social movements) support, the man brought the hell to the country, with street manifestations  (nothing spontaneous), agitations, riots, invasions, depredations, at last, all those "playful activities" well known for all of us. Lozada resigned and leave for his vice , Carlos Mesa that, equally, did not have any conditions to conclude the mandate, because of the  pressure from those mobs, resigning in June of that year. Many Cuban "G-2" agents "helped" the street fighters and clashes that lead Mesa government to a demoralization and continued their pressure in the Eduardo Rodriguez government too, turned it into a incapable government.

Now Morales returns, with the explicit support from the "Evil Axis" (Lula da Silva + Chávez + Kirchner + Fidel) , and others Latin American Communists leaders like Tabaré Vazquez (Uruguay), the defeated presidential candidate in El Salvador's last elections, Shafik Handal, wanna-be candidate to Nicaragua, 'sandinista' Daniel Ortega, not to mention Mandela, Zapatero, China and France .

Amongst Evo's projects is to convoke a Constitutional conventional, just like his comrade Chávez did, in order to change the effective constitution. According to their own  words, "We will finish the colonial State through a Constitutional conventional (to remodel the Constitution) that's in the way to refound Bolivia. This means that in the Military College not only 'creole' people could enter, but also indigenous people. They would be official. In Justice Hall, in the Supreme Court, we want aboriginals too. We want to change the form people is served, life for the people. To live for the politics and not of the politics. And all the natural resources must be in the hands of the State, that needs partners and not owners or masters ".


Although it always been denied, his model of government is the "bolivarian government" and Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro are his idols. He even participated, in a TV program called "Alô! President" carried out in Havana, where the "commitment" was consolidated to lead Evo to power in Bolivia. It has a rumour that Evo Morales was back funded by Venezuela and Cuba in his electoral campaign. It was not proved at all (just like here with Worker's Party) but I do not doubt, considering that his party, the Movement to the Socialism (MAS) is member of the Sao Paulo Forum".

She concluded on the importance of this process.

"The importance is that the communist ring is getting tigher and tigher, transforming Latin America into a dream come true to the Caribbean's Vulture (maybe even before he passes over Cuba), as announced in the kick-off meeting of Sao Paulo Forum, back in 1990, "to recover in Latin America what it was lost in the East Europe" .

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Nice to see a voice of sanity in Latin America which is increasingly falling to liberalism. Interesting too that I am reading a book on Latin American history right now.

Nice also to see you fighting the good fight on Collision against Liang. If you want to check out my blog, I comment primarily on Taiwan issues, but of course China enters the picture often, I welcome you to drop by.