Monday, January 23, 2006

Latin America´s "Fourhorsemen of the Apocalypse"

Gilberto Simões Pires is a very critic web-journalist. He is libertarian and conservative too. He has a webpage called "Ponto Crítico" (critical point). It is in
He published a very good definition of the "fantastic 4" of Latin America (Lula, Chavez, Kirchner and now Evo). They are the "Fourhorsemen of the Apocalypse".

Read this:

The Fourhorsemen of the Apocalypse

"The presidents: Lula, Kirchner and Chávez, all of them belonging to the idelogical left, they are not just friends - as the media puts out. These three , added now by Evo Morales - since yesterday the new Bolivia´s president - are really brothers of blood. Communist blood flows through their dangerous, revolutionary veins. They form, nowadays, the "Fourhorsemen of the Apocalypse". I don´t intend to be a new Jules Vernes by saying that - antecipating the events that will follow shortly in Latin America. Even not attending to any future teller classes, I am convinced that the current status of the revolution is in an advanced stage".

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