Monday, January 09, 2006

The times they are a changin´? Communist site is out of best site dispute in Brazil

Can it be a sign that the times are really changing in Brazil?
For the last five years, Communist Party of Brazil (a dissident branch old Communist Party that led the Chinese/Albanian revolution model) was listed as one the best websites about politics in Brazil.
Media Without Mask - the site a use to write - entered the pool last year and still there.

The poor communists lost their rank. This year they not even mentioned on the list of the ten best sites.

According to their site:
Red Diary .::: Obscured criteria keep "Vermelho" website out from the dispute for the best Brazilian website of the year :::.: "In the category named Citizenry/Politics this year were nominated the following sites: Política Para Políticos, Duplipensar, Revista Caros Amigos, Senado Federal, Franklin Martins, Mídia Sem Máscara, Blog do Noblat, VoteBrasil, Claudio Humberto e Câmara dos Deputados"

Is it a sign that Brazil youth is fed-up with this lefty-empty speech?

I hope so.

But there´s still left supremacy on the list, most of the sites are left or middle-of-the-road embedded with tons of political correctness views.

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