Monday, August 14, 2006

Father's Day in Brazil

Yesterday two journalists from Globo TV Network in Brazil were
kidnapped by PCC (First Command of the Capital- in portuguese)
saturday morning.
Alexandre Calado and Guilherme Portanova were their names.
Calado was released saturday night with a video that must be
broadcasted by Globo or his colleague, Portanova would be killed.
This video was broadcasted today at 00:28min. See it below.
It seems to be an Al-Qaeda film...
Last week there was another PCC attack in Sao Paulo, but despite of
the fact, 11,000 dettainees were released this weekend to pass the the
Father's day with their families. Many PCC leaders were among them but
the public prosecuters could not stop the Federal Ministry of Justice
from release them.
It was the same situation on last Mother's day where thousand
criminals were released and the attacks from PCC started.
And Lula is climbing again on the polls...
The future never seems so bleaker to Brazil.
So help us god..

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