Thursday, August 10, 2006

Qana: The director´s cut

Portuguese blog called Blasfêmias brings me an interesting link: The-now-infamous "green helmet" from Lebanon (Qana) live directing the scenes (photos) that made him famous (and his white-shirt friend too) from what was know as the "Qana Massacre".
Here we can seen him directing the cameramen, preparing the corpses (of a dead child, in a evident full exploitation of the episode from Hezbollah) to the best shot possible.
It´s desgusting !!
The scenes were shown by a German TV network.

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Vilmar said...

Thanks for the video. I will be linking it to my blog.

Tambem nasci em Porto Alegre, RGS, 1952. Em 1958 chegamos a NY e fomos viver em Connecticut.

Tento ler seu blog o mais posivel porque gosto de ficar ao par de sitacao entre Brasil, America Latina e os comunistas em Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, etc.