Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lula's Brazil: the real "Kraus' Catalogue"

During the inbetween wars in Germany, an intellectual called Karl Kraus - surprised by the degradation of the germany national language by the socialists and nazis - created a catalogue of what was more grotesque in terms of misuse of the language.
This catalog, known as "Krausian Catalogue" was the most terrific example of how you can subvert a nation starting it by the language.

This site, called "retrospectiva brasil" shows some headlines that must have been included in the Kraus' list.
In the one that is showed here, Lula compare himself as Christ - he pretends to be "betrayed" by his assessors (again).

The craziness that my country is passing through is uncomparable to any other time in our history. For such much less than these facts, the military had acted - in the sixties . Unfortunately, while Lula pretends to be blind to his friends' crimes he goes on with "New Komintern" plan to overthrow the democracy - in a democratic way.

This country is a phallacy!

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