Thursday, September 21, 2006

"La historia paralela" website with a special guest

My friend Graça Salgueiro was the special guestfor the 20th , september issue of "La Historia Paralela" website/newsletter.
Graça is infatigable is her strength to expose communists and crypto-communist in Latin America.
Saludos desde "swimming"!!

Columnista invitado de La historia paralela
Graça SalgueiroLa Columnista Invitada de hoy: Graça Salgueiro
Graça es una periodista brasileña independiente, estudiosa del Foro de San Pablo y de los avances del castro-comunismo en América Latina, fundamentalmente en Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela y Brasil. Columnista del portal brasileño Media sin Máscara, dirige el sitio Notalatina, sus artículos son publicados por numerosos medios gráficos y electrónicos internacionales, pero lo más importante, es nuestra amiga y a quien hoy agradecemos hoy ocupar este espacio

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Anonymous said...

It's kinda funny, Luis. Your blog is a mix of Portuguese and English, yet I have no problem because I speak moderately good Spanish. I just wanted to congratulate you and all Brazilians (albeit very late) on keeping your equivalent of our Second Amendment rights. You guys are the only nation outside of the US that I know of where it's legal for citizens to privately own firearms. My friends from Nicaragua tell me it's the case there as well, but I'm not sure if it's legal, necessarily...Anyway, congrats!