Thursday, October 05, 2006

Alckmin opinions: This guy does not know who supports him!

Alckmin declares on interview to "Folha de Sao Paulo" (03/10/06 - biggest Brazilian newspaper) that he is " leftier than Lula on the respect to the democratic values and in the economic sense"

That´s what I call the "Red Tide" in Brazil: the glamour of the left is so appealling that even conservative-supported politics - like Alckmin, that won the right to dispute the second roundelection by the anti-Lula, anti-left, pro-free-market and conservative people - when it´s time to firmly stands with who supports them ...Prefers to flirt with the left.

Does the left love democracy? Ask Fidel.
Does the left love free-market? Ask North Korea. Just in the Chinese meaning of the world - but don´t put democracy in the same phrase!

Who does he want to obtain support from? Landless Workers Movement? Heloisa Helena´s  terrorist-fueled party?

This is a real "shot-in-the-foot"

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