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Censored article from Olavo de Carvalho in Brazil: "Conscientious Vote"

Here´s the message I´ve received from Olavo, yesterday.

He supposed to have an article published on newspaper "Zero Hora" from Porto Alegre, RS.

Today´s article was censored. Read below.


"Dear Friends,


My Zero Hora´s articler (29/10) was simply censored, thus you can forward it  from now on, in this version and with the following warning -    

Olavo de Carvalho´s article censored by "Zero Hora"


The followin article "Conscientious Vote", was censored by the the board of Zero Hora, a newspaper from Porto Alegre- Brazil, because it allegedelly hurted its ethics code.

I don´t have any idea what the word 'etichs' could mean inside this context, without being the obligation to hide facts that could point the real graveness of the Brazil situation. These facts  are being absent from the news pages from the "gaucho" (Brazil's southern state) newspaper for years, not having any reason to not be withdraw from my column. An additional explanation by the page editor - Nilson Souza - was less explainatory. The motiv to suppress the article, he said, was that the information came from a blog with no credibility. The premise for this is that a newspaper that hides the truth not only acquire an higher level of credibility in doing it, but acquires it in a such level that enable this newspaper to judge others (that publish truth). Furthermore, I mentioned this blog on a random mode, hence the sources of this information are abundant and even I have been quoting enough to be labeled as 'obsessive' for this.
But, if the directors from "Zero Hora" are playing fools, it is for a serious reason: they are really fools. Unfortunately, they will finally understand it, but  it will be too late, what Lula means when he says  about 'democratization of the means of communication'
Olavo de Carvalho".

  Conscientious Vote 

Olavo de Carvalho

Data obtained from the blog

Maurício Hernandez Norambuena, the agent of the Chilean MIR that led the kidnapping of Washington Olivetto, has as lawyer Iberê Bandeira de Mello, that was Lula's defender and today he is the defender of Silvio Pereira (PT) and Klinger Luiz de Oliveira Sousa (PT). While Norambuena was in jail and the PT's elite made everything to take off it of there, Lula and his ortographic (ghost writer) guru Luiz Dulci reunited with representatives of the MIR at the XXII Meeting of the Forum of São Paulo, in July of 2005, at the Perseu Abramo Foundation , in São Paulo, to plan common strategies between the Chilean group, the leftist PT and other organizations, among them MST, MSLT, FARC, MIR, CUT, PCB, PC of B, ELN, Chilean Communist Party, MAS and Cuban Communist Party. Norambuena was imprisoned in President Bernardes with the leaders of PCC (first capital commando – the criminal terrorist group) , whose maximum leader, Marcos William Herbas Camacho, is brother of Gabriel Herbas Camacho, representative of MAS (Movimiento al Socialism), the party of Evo Morales and an active participant of the Forum of São Paulo.

With ten percent of these good relations, Lula and his gang already must have been expelled from the decent politics a long ago. The story is well documented in the documents from the Forum of São Paulo and even in the website of the Perseu Abramo Foundation. An especially charming detail can be added to this: the Civil Policy of Santo André (SP) informs that Jilmar Tatto, Arselino Tatto and Enio Tatto, all from PT-SP, are liked to criminal faction PCC. Jilmar Tatto was secretary of Transports in the Marta Suplicy(former PT's São Paulo mayor) government as the city mayor of Sao Paulo.

As nothing of this was cited in the electoral debates, the Brazilian people goes today to the ballot boxes certain that the such of "conscientious vote" is being practising.




         The NGO "Net 13", from the state of Santa Catarina, was established in April of 2003, collected twenty million from the government, gave them to Lula's daughter (Lurian is her name) and, fulfilled to this its noble purpose, it was closed in August of the same year. The operation was co-ordinated by the presidential barbecue-maker Jorge Lorenzetti (link:$defaultview/6CDFE26CA1BF526683257209003BBA7B?OpenDocument)



         The half-state telecom "Brasil-Telecom" already have a software called "Narus Insight Discover Suite", that is capable to read our e-mails, to search our banking accounts and to hear our conversation through Skype. It means: good bye, privacy. For the Lula dynasty, however, this it can be good news. This was the company- according to weekly magazine "Veja" - the fortunate son Fábio "Little Lula" was trying to buy, not making it thanks to legal impediments. But these are, are clearly, removable. If everything works out, the future Brazil's official stamps will exhibit the ear of "Little Lula", that one that everything hears.




A student, Mirian Macedo, sent the Louise Caroline, vice-president of JOIN, a letter against the abortion program from PT. He received the following reply, that I transcribe in the originary orthography: "therefore you are going to lose everything, dear… even your books and the disgusting cleanness of your little children... Take care... Our alliance with Chávez and Fidel will arrive any day at you happy house. And will be a delight." Louise Caroline, whose level of instruction is more or less equal of Lula's mother at her birth, compensates this handicap with a truculent surplus. She is the ideal college student created by PT's education.

I do not want "to 'alvorar' myself" (presidentially speaking) as a prophet, but I think that Louise, Little Lula and Lurian are the future of this country. Or better: dêfte paíf. (Lula's way to speak "this country")




In time: The Chilean MIR is one of the signataries of the manifesto emitted for the "Congreso Bolivariano of los Pueblos", in day 3 of October, in favor of Lula's candidacy. The gratitude is the mother of all the virtues."


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