Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Leaving Brazil

On next Saturday I will be going to Portugal.
It´s a preliminary trip, but in a short time I will live there.
I will be missing many persons here, my family, my little daughter, but Brazil is a dead-end road for anybody that wants to live under a minimum standard of decent living.
Brazil is a country that used to have just three days of Carnival a year, but by now the Carnival is 365 days long every year.
The whole country decided to live in the fantasy, while crimes, corruption and the body count is raising day by day.
The fact is that I´ve just received a business proposal and accepted.
I want a better future for my daughter. A see it as a great opportunity.
I know many people consider Europe dead - morally, politically and culturally, but even dead is better than the non-stop orgy-carnival-bloodshed that is Brazil.

Don´t worry, I will try to update this blog when possible.

See you.


Anonymous said...

No, Luís. Say it isn't so man! Are things really that bad in Porto Alegre? I always thought it was one of the safer cities in Brazil (even thoug I've never been, from the little I've read). Anyway, I hope you find a better life in Portugal. I'll be sure to come back around. Take care!

Trevor Loudon said...

Sad to here Luis. But I can understand. Best wishes.

Vilmar said...

Where in Portugal? I lived 6 years near Lisbon when assigned to the US Embassy there.

Good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...


I wish you and your family a bright and safe future in Portugal.
Good Luck!

I wish you well :} Melek

"Optimism is the foundation of courage." ~ N.Murray Butler