Thursday, February 25, 2010

Orlando Zapata Tamayo dies while Brazil´s President do nothing: It is time to dump Lula!

Lula meets Fidel in Cuba (portuguese)
Lula meets Fidel in Cuba (translated)

Raul says he regrets the death of Orlando, but says it was US fault. "There were no tortures (in Cuba), no execution. It only happens in the (American) base of Guantánamo".

Lula, before the trip, received an open letter from  50 Cuban political prisioners to interced in favour their liberation, particularly for Tamayo. But Lula says he did not received any "letter". In that letter it was stated that "the Brazilian President could be a magnificent interlocutor to make the (Cuban) government decide to implement social and economic reformation that Cuba needs urgently, and to advance in relation to the human rights" (accordingly to "publico" - portugal).

In Brazil, it seems that the press is submerged in the same hypocritical world view of many  - if US" tortures" what the problem with Cuba? - saying that was "bad luck" for Lula to arrive in Cuba in the exact same day that Tamayo died.  In Brazil´s press, all that goes against the all-left-sanctity (Cuba, Venezuela) is written between quotes, so Tamayo was a "prisoner of conscience" not a prisioner of conscience.

But did I say something on Brazilian press? Sorry, It is dead. We must not to lose time with this. It is just a long hammering of heartless activist disguised as journalist.
What I really regret is why many, many people still see Lula as a kind of Fox News of LA politics. e.g.  "fair and balanced", but he is not.
Again: The man those prisoners tried to ask to help them is the man that created the beast. Lula da Silva is the man that created, the New Komintern, aka "Foro de Sao Paulo" in 1990.
Many, even in Brazil, believe Lula is a kind of "prisoner of conscience" of his party - Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), saying his not Marxist anymore, but in fact a pragmatist free-market apologist, that concedes some of leftist rhetoric just to calm down his radicals.
But he is not. He created FSP (foro de sao paulo) along with his party  and some of the worst terrorist entities in the LA, as FARC (yes, las "Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia") among others.
Brazil, since Lula has gained power, became a free space for drug smugglers, because FARC is the main drug supplier in Latin America.

It is time to the people abroad, in Europe (here in Portugal, for example, many people say good things on Lula), in US (GWB thought that Lula could stop Chávez.. He acted on Chávez just like US handled the fake "URSS-China split": giving more to Lula and Brazil believing that it will weakens Chávez. But just like Golitsyn has told us on his books "New Lies For Old" and "Perestroika Deception", URSS and China share the gains of the "play the China/ URSS card" while fooling US, Lula and Chávez fooled US - that believe Lula could guarantee democracy in the continent ).
It was all written, for those who know to read. if you know something on Antonio Gramsci (Joseph Farah from WND seems to know it, too), Anatolyi  Golitsyn, and others, you can separate good from evil.

It is time for the whole world and specially America (South, Central and North) to dump Lula da Silva. Let´s wake up??

Lula and Foro de Sao Paulo (from Olavo de Carvalho´s page).
The actual status of the Soviet Deception Plan (from Once Upon a Time in the West blog)

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