Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Brazil´s Mayor Elections Outcome

As you know it, we have elections for mayor here in Brazil this month. The outcome of this was the ousting of Worker´s Party (PT) from the main cities halls in the country (São Paulo, Porto Alegre) but also won most all other cities halls around the country.

But what I want to show you is the kind of political "debate" that the RESULTS of the election are feeding. This one was written by Janer Cristaldo - a lonely pro-economic-liberalism (capitalism) in Brazil lost in the red sea - that picked up a totally false argument used by biased midia to support voting for government candidate in Sao Paulo election and took conclusions upon it.
Read the comments and you will know about what i said about political "debate".
Here´s the sample of it. For better understanding, "Serra" was the oponent of government´s candidate and "Marta" was the official candidate - running for mayor re-election: “The survey confirms what the geographical vote division already indicated: Serra gets the vote of the more affluent and educated, and Marta doesn’t do so badly among lower income residents with fewer years of schooling.”

Look, in the first round of the election, Serra won by an eight percent margin of votes. Thus, we can infer that, in São Paulo, there are more rich people than there are poor.

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