Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Marginal Leftist Revolution in Brazil

While thousand of people believe the communist agenda and its fanatical radicals are far away from Brazil, the silent red revolution is in development.
Read this news:

A worker was killed in an ambush, yesterday afternoon (november 9th) in the access area that will be flood by "Barra Grande" dam, in Pelotas river border of Rio Grande with Santa Catarina state (Brazil). Militants of the movement called "Movement of the Affected by Dam" (MAB in portuguese) deny any relation with the episode"

This kind of "eco-activism" hardcore group is the result of the genuine workers needs movements with marxism. After this danger mix the former goals (compensation for the losses) become blurry, substituted by the marxist agenda of criticism towards capitalism (progress) and the will to create chaos within the society.
This kind of redneck-proletarian-eco-marxist revolution was created in the 80´s by Chico Mendes..

This time thy overpassed a limit, killing by gunfire shot an innocent worker as them.

But it´s not the only movement round here. This month the Landless Workers´Movement (MST) has launched what they called "Red Nevember" offensive, that´s simply to take by force private properties from their owners. This is totally illegal in any civilized country. Not in mine.
The "social use" of the soil is a constitution issue!!!

MST is an illegal movement that killed several people and try to launch a marxist revolution here. They were boosted by the "great" former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso that drove millions of financial resources to them... It didn´t calm them down.. In reverse, made them stronger.

Ready to raise its actions with the help of Mr. President Lula, a long time friend of the movement...
What did you expect from a president that mourns dead terrorists?

To know a little bit more about them go here

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