Tuesday, September 27, 2005

China launches "North Sword" war game

China launches "North Sword" war game_china_English_SINA.com: "'The Chinese army is becoming more open and transparent,' said Peng Guangqian, a major general of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

'Such openness and transparency is a refution against the 'China threat' rhetoric,' said Peng, who is also a research fellowwith the PLA's Military Academy of Sciences. 'Facts have proved that China does not constitute any threat to any country, instead China is a major force in safeguarding world peace and stability.'

After the war game, Chinese and foreign military officers will hold academic discussions at the drill base, according to defense sources."

Does anybody believe it? It's just empty rethoric. China is still red and still a threat for democratic world.

What changed was the strategy: instead of being dependent from the "Moscow Gold" now China is taking resources from capitalist world to attack the west when the right time comes.

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