Thursday, September 29, 2005

French Company built Chemical Weapon Factory for Saddam instead of Powdered Milk Plant in Iraq

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French blog "No Pasaran!" has a good example of a typical detour used to boost Saddam destructive power using the "humanitarian" UN "oil-for-food" program.
In this case a Powdered Milk Plant turned into a Chemical Weapon Factory with the help of France.
Read on at ¡No Pasarán!: "While Hired to Make Powdered Milk for Iraqi Children, French Arms Company Built a Chemical Weapons Factory for Saddam

Michel Josserand was fired from Thalès (formerly Thomson) in 2004 explains Hervé to non-French speakers as he comments a TF1 news article.

He now accuses his former company of having installed a vast corruption system in France and abroad. He talks about a Thalès lawyer who validated a vast bribery system in a lot of countries. 'There are 2 kind of countries: those where bribery is unavoidable (Africa, Korea, Greece, Italy) and those where you can do business without tampering (several European countries, North America, Australia, NZ). And France? It depends on local and national political interests.'

In foreign countries, he relates Operation Miksa, a bribery system in order to deliver security devices to Saudi Arabia. But this system was diverted in order to deliver chemical weapons to Saddam as Iraq suffered the UN the embargo of Oil-for-food program."

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