Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Lovers (2) --The Unknown Louisiana

Hurricane Lovers (2) --The Unknown Louisiana
Olavo de Carvalho - Diario do Comério
(translate by me)

Here goes some chapters of the true history of the New Orleans' tragedy , whose fictitious reverse you read every day in the Brazilian media.

Louisiana is the most corrupt state of U.S.A., a kind of Workers' Party Land (the Brazilian most corrupt and Leninist party) of the North. It has been decades Federal Government has sent large amounts of money for Public Enterprises and the money disappears. Technicians had passed years alerting that the levees of Pontchartrain lake would not support a harder impact, but nobody cared.

Counting off the Oil business, the state has badly an industrial infrastructure. Millions of fat unemployees, stuffed-up by welfare-state policies, passing afternoons in rocking chairs at the verandas of their ruined houses, tanning a depressing idleness and without hope. The crime rate is the countries' highest. The sexual tourism moves the economy. Clutter, illegality, stealing, confusion: everything is prepared to the first crack in the civilizational cover that was still hiding the scene, the Louisiana staged a kind of Spielberg-sized "Lord of the Flies" play.

Two days before the breaching of the barrages, the Louisiana government, warned by the weather service, determined the evacuation of the risk areas. The intellectuals of the mainstream media had found it exaggerated, because the hurricane was still considered of a category 3, tolerable. The people believed the media and the mayor´s behavior confirmed it.

Five miles away from the zone that would hit, there is dry land, public housings, airport, public services. The population had two days to save their lives. It would take just to walk five miles. Nobody walked, nor was stimulated to this. The federal government offered the National Guard to help in the evacuation, but nobody wanted. "Our police will handle it" they say.

In the turmoil that followed it, the police in a desperation act opened the doors of the jails, liberating thousand of delinquents that soon obatined guns and spread new reasons of panic among a frightened population.

Many ares the crimes and many are the criminals in the long preparation of the tragedy, that the former will never be investigated and the latter will never be punished. The medicine, of course, is to blame the regular evildoer. George W. Bush caused the hurricane because he did not sign the Kyoto protocol. George W. Bush spent in Iraq the money to the reform of the levees. George W. Bush did not convoke National Guards in time. George W. Bush did not order the Army to help the multitude of victims, because they were black and he is a disgusting white racist.

Does it worth to say that thousand of Kyoto Protocols would not change the global weather in so little time, all because this monumental fraud release the most polluting countries in the world, China and India from any ecological guilt?

Does it worth to say that the money that went to Iraq was not the money to the reformation and even that all amount of money had gone to the reformation of the leeves, it would never be ready before the coming of the hurricane? Does it worth to say that it does not make sense to blame USA, to be in Iraq to make money and to waste money at the same time? Udoes it worth to say that the cuts of spending for Louisiana was already being done since the Clinton era and if it was stopped the cuts none leeve would be done, for it would only stuff the local politicians' pockets?

Does it worth to say that Louisiana government refused the National Guard help? That National Guard is a volunteers' organization, spread in their houses and jobs, impossible to reunite in a sufficient number for a challenge of this size in less than three or four days?

Does it worth to say that a centennial American law (Comitatus Ownership, 1879) forbids Army mobilization for any internal subject, and to change this law would generate long debates at the Congress and that George W. Bush is not the Congress?

No, it does not worth. In U.S.A., just a minimum fraction of the public opinion took seriously these calumnies that, as always, came from Jesse Jacksons and Michael Moore's mouth. In Brazil, they are considered as absolute truths.


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