Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Intimidation of press: Abuse, Threats and Pressure. New Lula government have just started!

Sooner than you think, what Lula means to say on "social control of the means of communication" has just started.
And started with journalists from weekly magazine "Veja" the one that do the real journalism in Brazil.

"Veja" has started the scandal of the buy of the fake dossier against opposition (Serra - São Paulo state governor candidate **elected** and Alckmin) . They published the photos of the money found with friends of Mr. Lula to complete the operation. The money was withdrew from the public view but Veja got copies of the photos.
"Veja" has denounced the operation known as "abafa" - a white-washing operation from PT to clean the scene of the crime - related to the faked dossier agains Alckmin.

Federal Police seems to started to be used as Lula´s bulldog.

Another chapter on the "Death of a democracy".. Read it!!

Abuse, Threats and Pressure against "Veja" journalists
31 de Outubro de 2006   

With the excuse of obtain information to a investigation on internal affairs of functional rights of their sheriff and agents, Federal Police convocated five journalists from weekly magazine Veja to a kind of interrogatory. They were responsable for the reports that related the involvement of feds in acts described as the "abafa" (white-washing) operation on purpose to get Freud Godoy - presidency assessor - rid from the attempt of buying the infamous faked dossier that would be used against political adversaries of the government. Three from the five convocated - Julia Duablili, Camila Pereira e Marcelo Carneiro - were heard on tuesday afternoon by the sheriff Moysés Eduardo Ferreira.

For the surprise of the reporters their inquiry was not taken as witnesses, but as suspects. The questions were about the magazine that, for its turn, seemed to be the real focus of the police investigation. The description from the reporters and the  lawyer that was with them  clears that, although, that abuses were committed, pressure and threats in a clear and unacceptable attempt against the freedom of expression, guaranteed by the Constitution.

  1. When asked Julia Duailibi, sheriff delegado Moysés Eduardo Ferreira asked the reason why she wrote that "phallacy". VEJA reporter, than asked the sheriff what was the purpose of her inquiry hence he has came to the conclusion that the information published on the magazine were "phallacies". (..)
  1. Although the VEJA journalist was being inquired as witness with no relation with the money photos from the dossier, sheriff Moysés Eduardo Ferreira asked her on the previous report, signed by her. The sheriff demanded her to reveal who gave  her the CD with the photos. The reporter avoided to reveal her sources.

  1. During the inquiry of Julia Duailibi, sheriff Moysés Eduardo Ferreira asked her on what he believed was an operation orchestraded by VEJA to "fabricate" news against the Federal Police. He said the report was conceived by magazine editors  and he wanted to know who was editor responsable to create the expression "abafa operation".
Adding: the reporters weere been called as witnesses but  sheriff Moyses impeded them to consult with ther lawyer....

The odd facts are potetializaed by the raising ideological hostility to the independent means of communication, by the aggression by the militanst paid by the government against reporters on the duty of their jobs and , in special, by the lazyness that these facts were carried by the authorities. When the press is targeted by a political force the alert sign must be turned on by means that the spark could be extinguished before become a fire. Never is too late to remember :"Worse than to be submetted by the dictatorship of the few is to be submetted by a dictatorship of the majority".


Anonymous said...

I know VEJA has been a constant thorn in his side, but why would you go after them? Only a guilty, corrupt person would try and silence them. Every single one of his advisors has been the subject of an investigation. Palocci, Gushiken, Zé Dirceu, Genoino, Delubio, Berzoini, etc. ad infinitum. Como ja tem dito...ou Lula é ignorante e imbecil ou é mentiroso e malvado...não há outra opção. Quando vai despertar o povo brasileiro?

Fantomas said...

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