Friday, November 10, 2006

Start blogging for freedom

FYI. Important announcement.
My two blogs "Swimming against the red tide "  and (portuguese) "Nadando Contra Maré Vermelha" are among the blog list.
If you have sometime, check it out!!!

"Weblogs pop up regularly on the Internet, but many fade away shortly after without trace. In some countries no blogs means no access to independent information, and there is reason to be concerned about a blogger's safety when new entries stop appearing.

Men and women from the United States to Iran and Brazil to China have risked imprisonment and personal safety by voicing their opinions and spreading information in their Weblogs, and these are the bloggers honored in the Deutsche Welle's annual Best of the Blogs Awards. Ten of the world's most influential blogs promoting freedom of expression can be found at Cast Your Vote Now!

The BOBs are also proud to partner with Reporters Without Borders ( in campaigning for the release of more than 60 imprisoned cyber-dissidents and in calling for Internet users to support freedom of expression around the globe.

Join Reporters Without Borders and the BOBs in a 24-hour cyber demonstration against the Internet's Black Holes and register your opposition to censorship.

Give cyber-dissidents the help they need.

Get more information on Weblogs in the Deutsche Welle awards at and add your voice to the fight against online censorship at

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