Saturday, April 28, 2007

Watch "Celsius 41.11 - "The Truth Behind the Lies of Fahrenheit 9/11" - COMPLETE - Bush" on Google Video

This is the complete "Celsius 41.11" film taken from Google Video. "The truth behind the lies of Fahrenheit 9/11".

There´s another great movie called "Fahrenhype 9/11" that I recomend too. Enjoy!

Update: Watch Fahrenhype 9/11 here!

1 hr 11 min 21 sec - Feb 25, 2007
Average rating: (24 ratings)
Description: Celsius 41.11 The Temperature at Which the Brain Begins to Die - The truth behind the lies of Fahrenheit 9/11. Celsius 41.11 (2004) is a film produced to be a rebuttal to Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11. This film corrects the record when it comes to the left's attacks on President Bush, 9/11 and the war in Iraq and Kerry's 20-year tenure in the Senate.

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