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U.S. Allied = "Bush´s Lap Dog" ? The Europe-US Alliance

Leftists are so full of hate that they can´t differentiate Bush from

their own country. Anyone that not blames automatically U.S. for all

the evil in the world, is a Bush´s "Lap Dog".
Now it is Sarkozy turn.

But Sarkozy

is not a "lap dog". Nor even all presidents from countries that used to

live under the Iron Curtain after the Second World War. People in

Poland, Albania, Czech Republic knew what it was to live under the

"humanistic" communist rule.


knows that your country , and all Europe as well , is in debt with US. More than

hundred of thousands Americans are buried in French soil. France and Europe

freedom was reconstructed under American blood. The very "freedom" (and money from "Marshall Plan" too) to choose whatever they wanted to be. Even to choose to

turn away from their liberator and embrace the ranks of communism whit "human face" (a.k.a.: Social Democracy).


more leftist labeled anyone that break the ice towards George Bush as

as "lap dog", the more clearer they act as real "lap dogs" of

communist-totalitarian tyrants around the world.

The American-European connection is broke. And I see it as a irreversible.

The work was done during the last 40 years by the communist world,

using communist proxies (useful idiots or disinformation agents) like

unions, social-democrat parties, leftists reporters and newspapers.The

bonds between Europe and US became more and more loosen until it broke

by the time of the invasion of Iraq. French President Chirac

played a major role in this play. While his country was one of the

biggest Saddam´s weaponry supplier, he blamed Bush for the invasion. It

was a matter of business, of course.

The process of using useful

idiots and agents in Western Europe to break the alliance between US

and Europe was described in details by Anatolyi Golitsyn

in his book "New Lies For Old". He said that the long term plan of

deception by the communist had some main goals before to strike the

main enemy in the back: One of them is to isolate US before the World

community. It only could be done with the help of a socialist Europe.

And some "non aligned" (red proxies) , not to mention the UN itself.

The work is done. Sarkozy is only a exception that confirms the rule. That´s why he must be blamed. There won´t be others to follow Sarko´s footprints.

The French connection

Nicolas Sarkozy's cheery U.S. visit has the press howling that he's Bush's new lap dog -- maybe even if it comes to hitting Iran.

By Gregor Peter Schmitz

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