Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is Candidate Ron Paul a Leftist Proxy?

Senator Ron Paul has achieving a huge succesful campaign over the internet and the young.

He says things that sound balanced, even odd like to abolish the IRS (yes!) and to return to the gold standard as currency anchor. He is also a "fundamentalist" on the Founding Father´s views.

But he fails terribly on the security issues. He seemed to be over-fed by leftist mantras that say that all the evil that U.S. is proving now is the result of their bad moves on foreign affairs. He even said that US "invaded" so many countries and these invasions created anti-Americanism.

I think Mr. Paul never read authors like Jean-François Revel that explained in books like "The Anti-American Obsession" how it grew inside Europe, specially in France. It is not US fault!

By the coservative side, despite Mr. Paul personal condemnation to abortion and gay marriage, he acts like "a dream come true" as a perfect "conservative" to the radical-left: he is just an AWOL in these questions arguing that these are not questions to be managed by central government, but the local. While leftist always push issues and even distort Constitution emendments to their own advantage, they will be very happy to see a conservative that would alllow them to proceed to destroy America.

It is pittyful that many people has jumped in his badwagon. I myself got suprised by his campaign agenda and initially agreed with his points - in a strictly constitutional terms - but I realized that his views (on National Security, mainly) are so full of naivité that go beyond all reasonable and pragmatical terms. That´s why many conservative bloggers called him a faked conservative.

Be alarmed, among the Republican candidates there are many others faked conservatives.

Here´s Ron Paul being interviewed by Bill O´Reilly.



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Brisk said...

Actually, Ron Paul is a Congressman, not Senator.

He voted to go after those responsible for 9/11, voted for Afghanistan and introduced the bill that would've allowed Bush to go in to Iraq constitutionally. Ron Paul is very strong on national defense.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with his views on foreign policy, don't get me wrong. His views on Iran are dead wrong. Anyone in the Iranian gov't got there by basically being anti-democratic. That not withstanding, the above link is why I support him more than any other candidate. Until another candidate comes along and openly denounces the SPP, the rest can do as they please. Unless we have a sovereign, free nation, everything else is worthless. I think his views on the War on Terror are foolish but his views on the NAU are right on, and to me, are the greatest threat for '08. It'd be nice if there was a candidate who'd stick with it in Afghanistan and Iraq and on the homefront stop the SPP's working groups before they become operational. Thanks to the American people slowly awakening, it looks like Bush/Pastor's view of integration on Jan. 1, 2009 will be pushed back a bit. The guy elected in '08 will determine whether or not the SPP lives or dies.