Friday, November 16, 2007

In Russia, Software Piracy Crackdown = Abolition of Free Press

In slashdot, an interest article on Russia and Piracy.

"According to a report recently filed by the Washington Post, the Kremlin has finally begun to crackdown on software piracy ... with a twist. The Russian state agency is targetting political enemies with claims of piracy, including independent news media, political parties, and private advocacy groups. In particular, 'the newspaper Novaya Gazeta, one of the last outposts of critical journalism in Russia, suspended publication of its regional edition in the southern city of Samara on Monday after prosecutors opened a criminal case against its editor, alleging that his publication used unlicensed software.'"

This doesn't even take into account our recent discussion of the Kremlin's grip on internet access in that country.

Anatolyi Golitsyn was absolute correct in his books ("New Lies for Old", "Perestroika Deception"), Russian Democracy is fake.

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