Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birth "Fakeficate": Obama's Easter Egg !!

Maybe It was a delayed Easter Egg he hatched yesterday....
In fact It was not only one document, but many ones.

One for the background, another for the lettering and minor ones for the signatures... Look.

Follow the instructions below and create your own "fakeficate".

For real: I've downloaded the document from US government site and opened it using a free program called libreoffice (openoffice). All the layers of the fabricated document are there.
It was inspired by website infowars, and I decided to check myself.

Here's the detailed instructions (google translated) from my portuguese blog.

I´ve received an extensive analysis from a friend that is graphic art & design professional.

"I just download the file and opened it in Adobe Illustrator. I took the test and post here my findings. It's a little long, but I think it's worth.

In Photoshop, the blog mentions, it is impossible to see the layers. But the AI, as edit PDFs, recognizes a layer, but divided into dozens of sublayers (sublayers), each with one or a handful of objects. That is already more than enough to prove that there is a single image, scanned.

But suppose, in the generation of PDF, the image was "sliced", which is possible. That would be an argument of believers. Well, if it was sliced ​​and scanned image output, the various "cuts" (slices) of the image would not have any depth. Would be several objects at the same level, side by side. In this PDF, there are images of images: there is no depth and the "slicing". Point.

Reflecting further, and ignoring the evidence above (the depth and the various sublayers are not evidence, but evidence), the PDF could be done in two ways, if it were real:
  1. The official certificate was photocopied on green form, and then scanned. In this case, the copier to convey letterhead printing the certificate, using the toner. Open the PDF approach and well around the texts. Noticed something different? There glare around all objects in black. Because there is no toner and white copier with rubber, this gloss is a complete impossibility.
  2. The official certificate was scanned and superimposed on the background, it would be a letterhead also scanned electronically. In this case, both the background and the certificate would be imported in an editor, and after that, exported as a PDF. But there is a problem there. The certificate, if scanned, would have the background blank. When imported and placed on top of your letterhead, would see its bottom. But that fund does not appear. Then there are two possibilities:
    1. Set the opacity of the certificate as "multiply". Multiplied with the colors, everything is white, some, including brightness. Impossible then. This leads to the second possibility.
    2. Edit the image, removing the white background (or delete it, or vectored it or save as a PNG or GIF with transparent background). That would explain the possibility of putting the shine ("outglow). Only, there we proved the image editing.
Here, point by point, why the document is false, "

Daniel Wachholz, which is art-finisher

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