Monday, April 11, 2011

More on Brazil´s Jihadist Massacre

More details regarding to the attack.

In a coincidence, 5 days before the shooting, the major Brazil´s weekly magazine "Veja" (look!) cover report titled "The terror network in Brazil" exposed the connections between Jihad´s extremists in Brazil. Some CIA sources revealed how the these extremist act.
One of these reports speakout about an African man that is "exporting terrorists" to US and England for two years now and using Brazil´s state of Sao Paulo as headquarter.

The biggest media watch site in Brazil, Midia Sem Mascara (created by philosopher Olavo de Carvalho) published in the same week a column by Diogo Chiuso that gone into the very center of the issue: How the São Paulo Forum (our old acquaintance..) is promoting the liasons among South American terrorist like Farc, with European terrorist like ETA, Jihadist groups like Al-Qaeda and the leaders of the region, that includes Lula da Silva, Chávez, Evo Morales. It revealed: "In the book The Day of Islam, Paul Williams (a former CIA agent) cites the Sao Paulo Forum as an articulator of bargaining between terrorists and drug traffickers."

The fact that these reports hit blank point: The "protest" against "veja", for an example, can be measured by this Google search ("Veja odio islamismo no brasil" - Google research)
where dozens of pro-islamic websites repeated the very same article accusing "veja" to be "anti-islamist". One of this articles said "Veja magazine is sowing the seeds of hate towards Islam".

No, it was not "veja" that "sowing the seeds of hate". You, Jihadist-islamic people are the ones that hate everyone.
It was not a suprise to see the Sao Paulo Forum involved, cause they reunited all US haters in South America and reached out to all anti-US leaders of the world, like Kadaffi, Mugabi, Ahmajinehad.. Why did they get Jihadist out of this league??? Of course not.

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