Monday, April 11, 2011

Brazil´s Jihad-like massacre and Fort Hood

Last Thursday (April, 7th) Wellington Menezes de Oliveira killed 12 children in a school in Realengo (Rio de Janeiro). He entered the school and as a former student, tell to the people the he was going to make a speech in one of the classes. He brought two guns (no registered) and reloaded the gun 9 times before he was shot and killed himself.

He wrote a letter with strict rules that must be applied to his funeral, with outstanding references to that written by Mohammed Atta (one of the perpretators of 9-11 attacks).

When the news emerged the connection with Islam was clear: he declared himself as a muslim (after left Jehovah Witnesses four years ago).
But as soon as it emerged, the "cleansing" of the Islam connection started.

Many people in Brazil wrote on the case as the "Brazilian Columbine". Despite they had been occurred in a school, the Brazilian case must be considered as a twin of the Fort Hood case.

He received some instruction by the internet. He was a part of a group called "group". He broke his computer at his home to avoid investigations to find some link.

Just like in US, the "investigators" don´t want to pursue such leads. They believed Wellington was a lone lunatic that acted on his own.

Read the latest in Globo News Site

"In the manuscript, Wellington back to quote the "group" - and the name of someone who would have come from abroad is repeated, Abdul: "I'm sure it was my father who sent them here in Brazil and he recognized Abdul told him to come with others precisely to Rio .. because when I met them and revealed 'everything' to them I was 'very' well received and there was great celebration. " (..)

"The fixation on terrorism had been felt by people living with Wellington, as the barber who attended him seven years ago. To the police, he said that "in Wellington last year has let his beard grow, reaching lengths up to his chest." When played with Wellington, saying he would cut his beard, the customer stopped him, saying "I'll be expelled."


"The charge of the investigation does not consider it necessary to open this line of research. "All extremist groups are out of question. He was rather a fool, who so cowardly decided achieve the life of defenseless children and then committing suicide as it happened," says the officer Felipe Ettore."

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Anonymous said...

I actually had to go to a Nicaraguan right-wing newspaper to find out he made references to Islam! The AP "report" here didn't even touch upon that little fact...wonder why? They couldn't be scared, could they? Nah!!!!