Thursday, September 06, 2007

Are You Vote Republican or Commie ?

My friend Jose Reyes analyzes the American political landscape and what led to the nowadays "split" into Republican and Democratic.

The new Clinton presidential atmosphere at the white house was about youthfulness and change, starting with the song played when the final results came in and Clinton and Gore came up on stage, it was that corny Fleetwood Mac song, "Don't Stop". On the other hand, representing the Republican party, you had a stubborn George Bush who was close to the edge of becoming a tyrant, so this made it much easier to vote Clinton's way. Clinton found the right tactic and was able to win, but it wasn't because he was loved by the American people, that's for sure. Clinton then proceeded to split the country in two, where one was forced to, by public opinion to think as a liberal or as a conservative. This was the main goal and the main objective of the Clinton camp right from the very beginning and was probably planned for many years before he even became a candidate. Clinton was the one who initiated this separation and has created a big problem and an enormous concern in the Patriotism department in America. The Conservative image makers are as much to blame, for they fell into the tender trap constructed by the Clinton Party. Although it was a big mistake by the Republican party, I think it was done in a defensive and protective manner, but contributed in the separation of the people. The exact thing happened with the US media, for this was their big chance to obtain more control of their misinformation network of reporting. Now, what is the result of Liberal and conservative thinking and what about those who do not want to be identified with either group? Before I continue, to clear things up for those who are not sure of Conservative thinking and Liberal thinking, I have the dictionary definitions and description of both here "in general"

Being so far from U.S. maybe I could give an outside view on this issue.

Recently I have read a book (The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History" by Thomas Woods Jr.) that made me understand a little the political twists in American history between these two political visions. "Republican", "democrats", "whigs", "tories" are just labels that cristalyzed the real battle: small government versus big government and now national interests versus global government.

The strange phenomena is that Republicans, once the fortress against big government, was not even engulfed by the thesis that the "welfare state" is something that it cannot be reduced anymore - because it got deeply rooted in public sense - but many of them try to use it to push for a "conservative" agenda. Worst : many Reps, has fell in love for the "new world order" Utopia. It seems that Woodrod Wilson "spirit" still floating in the air.

They are so entertained by their own dreams that they do not see that they old nightmares are still real: while they push for world government, they undermine local government. And the old enemies, now acting together as always do (even while they seemed to be splited) are seem to finally raise from the dust of the fallen communist empire (China and Russia).

Can you see a worse picture than that? Yes. If Republican party lost most part of his "soul", Democratic party is now totally departed from the national interests. They are in fact an American enemies´ official embassy. They are used and still be using by American enemies as its proxy.

These are the things as I can see being so far from America.

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