Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years in Reverse?

Six Years in Reverse?

Today is September the eleventh. Six years ago I was on a client and people that worked on the finance department started to call us, at the IT department, to see the unbelievable images they saw at bloomenberg´s and CNN.

What I saw was odd, a “little plane” crashed into on of the towers of World Trade Center.

But what started as an “odd news” turned into a pure terror, as the second tower was hit and both tumbled down, taking 2996 persons with them.

Was in shock that US emerged from the “Mall Culture” to the “Global Terror Threat”.

For me, as a Brazilian, is difficult to understand a poll that showed that almost half of democrats voters and ten of republicans believe 9/11 was an “inside job” (read a site that debunks all of these theories here).

But “ Little Green Footballs” gave the hint: during last six years, the security measures adopted by Bush administration, eliminated the risk of another terror attack in the US. There was not a single attack, although many attempts were reported.

For me it makes all the foreign policy sounds right. I think that Iraq was the nest of terror, indeed. As Afghanistan too. Many people tell me that the terrorists were Saudi Arabians but US invaded Iraq. This is not an old war style between nations.

Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor; US attacked Japan. Islamic terrorists that were born in Saudi Arabia drove three jetliners like bomb-cars killing almost 3 thousand people in US soil. It was mean to be a war between US and Saudi Arabia? No.

Nationalities do not count when you´re dealing with Islamic terrorism. You must attack and destroy their training camps. That´s where they planned those attacks. So when they begun to be attacked in their own “sanctuary” , they have no plans at all. K, there were attacks in Spain, Malasya, England, but not in US.

So I must believe that the policies facing terror threat were right.

But this success lead to the impression that there were no terrorist threat at all... If in six years you don´t have it anymore, the terror fear vanishes. As it vanished. And everybody returned to the mall culture again. Submerged in this, all the efforts against terror without terror attacks must have seemed to be excessive and “authoritarian”. So, this lead to the core: government created 9/11 to implement a “ totalitarian state”. That´s the key of understanding.

In the moment that America could be aware of the whole threat and who are their real enemies, they submerged into self-indulgence again.

These developments were described two decades ago in books that America must read like “New Lies for Old” and “Perestroika Deception” (written by Russian defector Anatolyi Golitsyn). You can read what it´s all about in blogs like “ Once Upon a Time in The West” and “ Final Phase”)

In his fake “ documentary” called Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore repeated over and over “There is no terrorist threat”. He was right, but not for the reasons he presented. (See Moores´s rebuttal here in my blog “ Celsius 41.11” and “ Fahrenhype 911”).

I think that left had (as many times before) succeeded in their attempts to twist the history and facts and use this as a tool for their agenda. It pays homage to the creator of this kind of thought Hegel, that used to say that “ If the facts don’t agree with my theory, all the worse for the facts”.

American people is in a detour: or they return to “the mall” and try to deny reality as an “conspiracy theory of the government”, or they open their eyes and see what is the real world, where old enemies still enemies, even in lamb´s fur.

Here´s my tribute to 9/11 victims: Their lives would be in vain if America keep her eyes opened...

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Roberto Iza Valdés said...

One has to totally suspend judgment.
I am stunned by this rewriting of history. Thank you.