Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Philosopher, The Murderer and the Collective Imbecile

Final developments.

After all, the responsible --Joao Quartim de Moraes - of the American Navy´s Official (Captain Chandler) death, claims that he was not arrested because of the trial or the subsequent Chandler´s assassination, but because he was JUST THE LEADER of the revolutionary group called Vanguarda Popular Revolutionary (Popular Revolutionary Avant-Garde) or just VPR .

Yes, it was like Hitler excuse for Holocaust because was not he that killed millions of people himself. He just gave orders...Or knew the methods a revolutionary barbarian Utopian lunatic people do to pursue 'justice'.

Olavo found out the was the same Quartim that embellished the story in front of a crowd of leftist students, saying that the assassination of Chandler costed him 'two years' in prison...
Before the students it was good to show the revolutionary emotionless sense of 'duty', but when Olavo started to spread his own story, he ask for help of thousand of leftist brainless people around the world to counter attack against this 'infamous aggression' .

This is the kind of people in Brazil who proclaim themselves as incorruptibles, ethical.

They lied during their terrorist days (when justify this savage trial alleging that Chandler was a CIA agent because he fought the Vietnam war).

Below, on of the invitation to sign the petition..

Dear Comrades,

The renowned Professor João Quartim de Moraes, from State University of Campinas (Unicamp), militant of the Communist Party of Brazil-PCdoB, recently is being victim of infamous aggressions by the part of an individual from the extreme right wind in Brazil. In these attacks, (see attached articles), this individual furiously rushed against an
interview given by Prof. Quartim to the Principios Review, related to the 2nd. Edition of "A esquerda militar no Brasil" , (The Military Left Wing in Brazil). In this sense, we would aks your support and solidarity to the Professor Quartim, that you can do by signing the petition
on line as follows:

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