Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brazilian Red Revolution Manifesto: Lula´s Party Unmasked

This video leaked to youtube. It is supposed to be an internal video created to warm-up PT´s (Workers Party, the Brazilian President Lula´s Party) militants.
The video reveal the real face of this party. It´s like to see in Dorian Gray´s mirror his real face.
And the real face of PT is very different from what they sold to the country to gain the presidential elections.
In 2002 Lula denied before the country that his party was engaged with drug-smuggling terrorists FARC besides Castro, Chávez and others.
His party denied even the existence of "Foro de Sao Paulo" the mean leftist organization in Latin America.
PT has "changed" its views and beliefs in the sight of the country. They declared in a document called "Open Letter to the Brazilian People" that Worker´s Party no more was engaged in undemocratic or anti-capitalistic objectives. That they have abandoned their Utopian communist.

See this video the real objectives of this party.
It explicit cites that they want "overpass capitalism", "change the society", even the "Foro de Sao Paulo" is explicitly cited as the main force in Latin America, bringing together the leftist efforts (legal and illegal) to take over the power.

And there are many Americans and Europeans that believe Lula da Silva is a "light" social -democrat that could keep Chávez off from total communist lunacy.

See it. With english subtitles!


AB said...

As comrade Chavez says "el que tenga ojojs que vea y el que tenga oidos que oiga."

The fact that the ad considers Chavez and Castro progressive is enough proof to condemn Lula.

Anonymous said...

Who leaked it? They need a medal or something! I knew (from what you've been saying) that the Worker's Party was Commie, to say the least. However, when you have proof from an internal source, that validates the claim to all those who are unsure. There's too much in that video to comment on but I thought it was funny: their rejection of "bureaucratic socialism." Really? So, those "radical reforms" you were talking about like "agrarian"? How do you propose to get those done? A free for all? Puhlease!!!!!!