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More on Kaczynski / KGB plot

More doubts are been raised by the international media on the case that ´s been labelled as "Katyn Massacre 2": The assassination of top Polish government by the Putin´s FSB (ex-KGB).

KATYN 2. International terrorist organization of FSB Russia massacred top NATO and all U.S. molded Polish generals -
KATYN 2. International terrorist organization of FSB Russia massacred top NATO and all U.S. molded Polish generals
Publication time: 17 April 2010, 22:58

The world continues to discuss the Second Katyn Massacre, in which the Kremlin is suspected.

An American journalist, Jane Burgermeister, created a special blog in which she traces another bloody Russian crime against the Poles. She writes:

"The commanders lost in the air tragedy, according to Polish military officials and US diplomats who worked with them, may be irreplaceable for years. That is a blow not just for Poland, but also the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the US. The men were the first complete generation of top Polish commanders to have been educated in Western-mainly US-military colleges, and to have learned from operations alongside US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Asked if there was a new crop of similarly experienced and motivated officers ready to succeed those who died, Deputy Defense Minister Marcin Idzik said: "We lost our best soldiers. Poland's armed forces are ready, but it will be a different armed forces."

Mr. Idzik said that because the invitations were sent directly to the commanders by the president's chancellery, the flight didn't trigger procedural requirements that would have required Chief of the General Staff Franciszek (Frank) Gagor, who was also on the flight, to approve each person on it.

"It wasn't a military flight," says Mr. Idzik. Had it been, "In my opinion this situation would not have happened," he said.

In 2008, Poland's Air Force commander and his deputy died when their plane crashed inside Poland. The accident prompted new procedures under which no force commander is allowed to travel together with his deputy and any military flight with more than 10 personnel on board must be approved by the chief of the general staff. The rules don't apply to civilian flights.

The Ministry of Defense listed 13 military personnel in addition to the crew. The first task of Poland's acting president gave his newly appointed national security chief earlier this week, was to review the rules regarding military personnel traveling together.

Several of the generals who died were in their 40s or early 50s, and had been promoted above more-senior officers rooted in Soviet-era traditions. The group wanted to create a modern fighting force in the US mold, with the goal-already partly achieved-of becoming one of NATO's most active and relied-upon forces, military officials and diplomats say. The men saw Iraq and Afghanistan as the crucibles in which to rebuild Poland's military.

"Some 40% of Poland's armed services have served in Iraq or Afghanistan. They saw these as opportunities to create a high-level professional force," said US Ambassador to Poland Lee Feinstein, who knew all of the commanders.

Mr. Kaczynski was a fierce proponent of Poland's ties to NATO and the US, one of the reasons that his relationship with Moscow had been so difficult.

Gen. Gagor was a leading candidate to be the next chairman of NATO's military committee, the military counterpart of the alliance's secretary-general, according to US diplomats.

Operations Commander Lt. Gen. Bronislaw Kwiatkowski, who was due to retire on May 5, had served two years in Iraq, commanding the Polish sector, training Iraqi soldiers and advising the Iraqi defense ministry.

Charismatic army chief Maj. Gen. Tadeusz Buk had commanded Polish forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was given to bear hugs and blunt talk in heavily accented English. At a dinner after visiting a joint training program for US soldiers embedding with Polish troops in Afghanistan, Gen. Buk ended his speech "Thank you, America! Thank you, America! Thank you, America!" according to people who were present".

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