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Remembering 1964/Brazil: Lies and Liars

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Brasilia - Brazil´s Capital
In 1964 Brazil almost turned into a Cuban-like Comunist regime. But "we, the people" (house wives, small businessmen, workers, church and families) went to the streets to ask to military to do something to stop the communist momentum.
It was done, without firing a single bullet... Like Reagan did with communism in Europe in 1989/90.
Ok, the military regime lasted more than twenty years, it turned into a semi-socialized regime (with a boom of "public" industries, universities and monopolies and even councils to control the prices. Yes, the prices were defined by the government!) and allowed the free flow of ideas and desinformation from the left.
One of them was that the "coup" in 1964 was invented and controlled by the American.

In 2001, Olavo de Carvalho, sent a challenge to the press to interview the former Czech agent Ladislav Bittman, who wrote a book "The KGB and the Soviet Disinformation" informing some operations executed in Brazil with the goal of make believe that US was on the eve of invading the country.

In 2005, I interviewed Ladislav (now known as Lawrence) by mail to know what was the newspaper funded by the KGB in Brazil to spread such disinformation. The newspaper was called "O Semanario" (The Weekly).

Now I wrote an article following the story. And giving the names of people involved with this newspaper.
More than five years after, the press is still ignoring those facts.

I could find two names involved with the spread of soviet propaganda in the sixties in Brazil.
One of them was Jose Joffily, a former state deputy for PSD party. He was a "nationalist" politician and still today a very respected name in my country.
I cannot state that he knew all the details of the operation (called "Thomas Mann", the name of the foreign secretary of US, at that time) or if he was just an useful idiot.

The other involved was Jose Frejat. Frejat was the chief-writer of the newspaper. It is hard to say that, being the main writer, he did not know about who were his real bosses. Jose Frejat is a very respected politician in Brazil.

If were in the US, how media would react to this? I imagine many different ways, except the silence.
But it was this the result of it so far.

It proves that there´s no real or independent press in my country.

Brazilian article: Nadando contra a Maré... Vermelha: Relembrando 1964

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the Left lies and distorts history to suit their needs. Whenever I think I've seen it all, it outdoes itself again. The worst part is I can say as an American (albeit one who focuses on the international arena), we generally have very limited teaching on the history and politics of other countries.
I know this puzzles many foreigners. Well, I can tell you how can it be expected we know about other countries' histories when we don't know our own history?!? You read right, my generation was one of the last to be taught some semblance of American history and, just now am I learning a great deal more of our history than what was ever taught in school to us. I can only imagine how little the current school generation is being taught.