Monday, April 19, 2010

Romania: Was Kaczynski Murdered?

Thanks to google translate, here´s the news.

Romanian Global News was the only representative of the media in Romania has made and put into a criminal intent to Smolensck aviation tragic event in which the entire infrastructure of the state anti-Russian Poland was exterminated. People informed, the security structures of NATO, even if not officially confirmed yet, increasingly take more into account the existence of a plan to eliminate anti-Russian leadership of the Polish state. The opportunity was unique.


Anonymous said...

you are really a sad crazy nutjob.

honestly can´t tell the diffrent between you and 9/11 truthers, antisemitic conspiracy nutjobs....

reminding me of that crazy general in "Dr. Strangelove"

I´m sorry for you and hope you will never be in any position to cause some real harm

oh, and the layout of your blog is really shitty, you should work on it

Anonymous said...

last comment was incredibly stupid

i shall also write in shitty style

hope medication kicks in soon, you're a functional idiot

Seriously, you're blog is fine; and I agree- Polish president was murdered. The fact that this doesn't shock people to the core is cause for alarm.