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Statistics On Pedophiles

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For those who thinks your children will be safer on a school than in a Catholic Church or Seminarium, one sample date, provided by the Janell Matula that runs Texas Amber Child Safety Network, according to this myspace page.

Statistics On Pedophiles - Blog MySpace | de Against Their Will:

"The best estimate is that 15% of students will be sexually abused by a member of the school staff during their school career.
•Though, when the American Association of University Women Foundation surveyed more than 1,600 students in eighth through 11th grade, 25 percent of the girls and 10 percent of the boys who said they had been harassed or abused said the harasser was a school employee.
•The number of K-12 public and private school students in 1996 who have been or will be sexually abused by a member of the school staff is nearly 7 million of 51,331,000.
•Between 1% and 5% of teachers sexually abuse or harass students.
•At least a quarter of all school districts in the United States have dealt with a case of staff sexual abuse in the past ten years.
•Most cases of sexual abuse of students by teachers are never reported.
•In nearly half of the cases, suspects were accused of abusing more than one student.
•Only two cases were cases of false accusations; less than 1 percent of the cases studied."
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Anonymous said...

In the eyes of the Left, it is easier to attack the Catholic Church than attack public institutions where pedophiles lurk, or other religions, such as Islam.