Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polish Presidente Was Killed By The Left

President has so much to be hating by:

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-Communists (Russia, in special)

This "accident" (I do not saw it, but it was in Russia, Kaczynski was a real conservative anti-communist) is pretty useful.

Here some views of Mr. Kaczynski.

Poland opts for Conservative Kaczynski

by Ekke Overbeek


Mr Kaczynski also has political extremists to thank for his victory, including the xenophobic 'Catholic' radio station, Radio Maryja, which enjoys considerable influence in conservative circles. Populist, anti-European politician Andrzej Lepper - who took 15 percent of the vote as a candidate in the first round of the presidential elections - also threw his weight behind Mr Kaczynski in the second round. Meanwhile, Mr Kaczynski has promised Mr Lepper a 'renegotiation' of the terms under which Poland joined the EU in May last year.

As Mayor of Warsaw, Lech Kaczynski made international news when he banned a march for gay and lesbian rights in the city during the summer. He maintains that homosexuals should not make a public display of their sexual orientation. In the run-up to the elections, he also managed to play on people's fears of foreigners, Germans and 'liberals'.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the Kaczynski twins were both advisors to then-President Lech Walesa. However, they later fell out with the president, alleging that he was tied to the apron strings of the communists. Now, some 15 years later, the two brothers still want to settle the score with the former communists, who they claim have retained too much influence in the new Poland. For this purpose, they want to see a commission for truth and justice established (..)

Do you see my remarks? It is consistent with Golitsyn´s predictions on New Lies For Old, that the movemte "Solidarnosc" was a fake grassroots movemente and Lech Walesa was a puppet of the communist.
Just like Lula da Silva in Brazil.

So his killing is good for all EU-centrist, anti-catholic, communist. Beware conservative leaders of Europe!

Oh, I was forgetting to mention other of his enemies: The gay.
Read what they are writing on Kaczynski´s death.

Polish President who said homosexuality will destroy human race feared dead in plane crash - from Pink News - all the latest gay news from the gay community - Pink News: "Polish President Lech Kaczynski who once said that the promotion of homosexuality would lead to the eventual destruction of the human race is believed to have died in a plane crash near Smolensk in Russia. Kaczynski's right wing Law and Justice party are in an alliance with the British Conservative party in the European Parliament
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