Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pedophiles Now a Protected Group

Blogger Don Laigles warns that a new bill could is passing through the chambers would lead to the protection of any sexual "lifestyle" even from the Bible.

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Pedophiles Now a Protected Group

On May 3, 2007, the House took an important step toward shutting down the First Amendment by expanding the “hate” crimes law to include sexual orientation. Now our nation has accepted the notion that all sexual orientation, including gays, necrophiliacs, adulterers, pedophiles, etc, are seen as special victim groups requiring special federal protection.

The agenda behind this “hate” crimes legislation is the same the world over.

Sweden: Arrest and trial of a pastor for the “hate” crime of preaching against homosexuality based on parts of the Bible that are now forbidden there.

Canada: Pastors and ex-gays arrested and fined up to $17,000 for endorsing the heterosexual lifestyle. Again, the Bible is the weapon found at the crime scene in most cases.

Philadelphia: Eleven Christians arrested for peacefully demonstrating against homosexuals, using the dreaded Bible as their argument.

May 3, 2007 will be remembered by relatively few as a milestone in the loss of religious and speech freedom because the mainstream news media, and even the “conservative” media—Fox News, Rush Sean, the usual suspects—gave it short shrift. Most didn’t even mention it.

O’Reilly says he doesn’t care if gay marriage is sanctioned by our government. But what if he said “I don’t care if your pastor is jailed for preaching from the Bible”?

He’d be finished.

Yet, that is exactly what he and the rest of the neocons are saying by saying nothing. Hannity came out in defense of Howard Stern’s First Amendment rights when Stern was fired. Yet, the rights of us little people to our Christian beliefs apparently mean nothing to him. The Constitution was written for celebrities. We rich and powerful will tell you little guys what to believe. We’ll tell you what the Bible really means.

Source: laiglesforum.com

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Anonymous said...

I remember hearing about this. On the bright side, if this bill is signed into law (I think it's in the Senate right now, could be completely wrong on that) it will violate the 1st Amendment, no questions asked. So, I'm not too concerned, just miffed the Democrats would try something like that. On the brighter side, the House just overwhelmingly passed a resolution that has slowed the NAU a bit (411-3). The plan was let Mexican trucks (oh heck, here's the URL http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,272567,00.html) in a pilot program go in the US for a year before allowing unrestricted access to all Mexican semis. The problem being, we took forever just getting our trucks up to our compliance standards. Of course, this has to go thru the Senate and then Bush, like every other bill passed in one of the two houses of Congress.