Monday, May 07, 2007

Fanstastic! KGB defector explains Marxist technics on Demoralizating & Brainwashing the West

Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector, explains in this interview to Edward Griffin in 1984 how KGB worked. It is not unknown to whom already have read one of the books of defectors like Anatolyi Golitsyn or Ladislav Bitmann. But the impact of an interview such this is totally different.
I guess that, how Bezmenov explained, people that are already caught in the brainwashing machine trap will not believe even if they see the truth with their own eyes..
In Brazil, I feel the work is completely done.
See for yourselves!
Bezmenov even cites Jane Fonda as a genuine "dissident" - a typical product from this kind of demoralization technique.

I could see that many films made in the west to "criticize" the "imperialism" like "The Dawn of the Dead" or other Living-Dead films in fact describe how these "active measures" and "influent agents" controlled by KGB filled the world by "useful idiots" like Moore, Fonda and many others.


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