Thursday, May 03, 2007

March for Marijuana

Brazil never lets me down in terms of surprises. Someone has told that is a country that came out of barbarism and went down directly to the barbaric decadence without ever had "civilization" in between.

Read below.

These are the masks of the main supporters of free-hemp campaign, that user could use to avoid be jailed : Marcelo D2 (rapper), Fernando Gabeira (former terrorista and deputy) e Sérgio Cabral filho (Rio de Janeiro governor).

Máscaras pra download

March for Marijuana

Schedule: 6th may 2007

Where: Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Hour : 14:00hs, Arpoador beach

Start of the march: 16:20hs.

Starting at 17:00hs: Party with the best Rio´s Sound Systems

Masquerade contest: Join the march, and if you are afraid to be caught on camera, come in disguise. Join our Masquerade and run for the prizes..


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