Monday, October 18, 2004

Brazil and North Corea: fade away and radiate

It´s been informed in Brazil´s source "Correio Braziliense" that North Corea will open an embassy in Brazil.

It shows how our middle-of-the-road-socialis governmente perceive the world: in black and red.

North Corea is a criminal regime. It´s been accused by illegal use of atomic energy by US. But Corea becomes Brazil´s darling only because of her angry feeling towards US.

This is what Brazil´s foreign policy is all about:priorities of our foreign policy are taken off the US-black-list. It´s simple.

Last year Lula da Silva even uttered such non-sense: He tried to give Saddam a brazilian exile "to avoid war".

I don´t know what is the real purpose of this but I am afraid that given that the americas socialist circle is closed (Cuba, Venezuela & Brazil plus some special guests like Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador) this little evil empire are tried to attempt an outside link.
That´s pure logic.
The goal? "To recover in America what was lost in Eastern Europe"

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