Sunday, October 24, 2004

Constantine Menges' Letter on Atomic Energy and Brazil

Another example of correctness of Mr. Constantin.
First is a letter sent to philosopher and columnist Olavo de Carvalho in 2002, BEFORE Lula da Silva´s election:

"Very important is Lula’s statement on September 14 opposing Brazil’s continued participation in the Nuclear Noproliferation Treaty. I am enclosing that in Portuguese as well as a just-published O Globo story saying the truth that Lula supports Brazil’s having nuclear weapons – a fact that seems virtually unknown to most voters in Brazil".

Compare it to this headline from 2 days ago. It was published in thursday's issue of the journal Science, three days after United Nations experts visited the plant in an effort to resolve a dispute over non-proliferation inspections.
"Brazil's new Resende nuclear plant has the potential to produce enough enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs every year, U.S. researchers said yesterday, an assessment Brazil denied."

Comment: After all, there´s a large portion of people that insists to believe in the role "peace and love" performed in 2002 by Lula to win the elections. He was even considered to receive a Peace Nobel. It´s terrible. That´s why a feel like "swimming against the red tide" in Brazil.

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