Sunday, October 24, 2004

Freedom of Speach and Brazil´s government

For anyone that thinks that a constitutional emendment could guarantee "freedom of speech" without further explanations, read this article.
It shows that, in Brazil, a government with a hunger for power could transform "law" in just a rock-in-the-shoe for "weak" governments. Real "democratic" governments just know what´s best for the people...
Read some examples of this kind of logic below:

For (Brazilian president) Lula's chief policy strategist, Luiz Gushiken, “nothing is absolute, not even freedom of the press”. And Labour Minister Ricardo Berzoini goes on to suggest that the state has 'urgency' to establish an 'efficient body' with power to punish 'bad journalists' who do not behave 'adequately'.

Despite all the "economic pragmatism" of this government when such totalitarian non-sense like this are spoken, reminds me the real nature of leftist governments: A Wolf in lamb´s disguise...

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