Tuesday, October 12, 2004

First Post

Hi all!
I decided to start a new blog - in english - just to show to the world the real nature of the government of brazilian president Lula da Silva.
I was surprised by the warm way he's been greeted and cheered all over the world as a poor's defender from the Third World.
He is not what it seems. Is another leftist president whose main task is to recover in the America what was lost in east Europe.
He is the president of a group called "Foro de Sao Paulo" that was formed in 1990 to rethink the left's strategy against "neo-liberalism" all over America. Cuba's Castro is the godfather of this group and some participants are FARC , from Colombia, FMLN from El Slavador and other terrorist groups.
Among other things, one is clear: It is not a debate group....
Read here full-documented website on the subject

Hope you enjoy!!

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