Tuesday, October 26, 2004

FT.com / World / Americas - Brazilian government urged to reveal files

Financial Times is informing about the new battle of the government:

Brazil's left-leaning government on Monday sought to contain political fallout from renewed demands for a full investigation into torture and killings under the 1964-1985 military dictatorship. During the past week, the Roman Catholic church, the national bar association and several congressmen have called on military leaders to reveal its classified files on political dissidents.

The demands came in response to photographs published last week of alleged regime prisoners seen naked in a cell.

The army caused further outrage when it sought to justify its treatment of political prisoners during the dictatorship as legitimate in the face of “violence by those who rejected dialogue and chose radicalism and illegality”. The statement, subsequently retracted under pressure from President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said the army had acted against subversives “in response to public clamour”.

The real true is this: The photos are a totally faked. On monday, 17 news paper "Correio Braziliense" show some "exclusive" and "never seen" before photos that showed a naked prisioner hiding his face from the photographer. "Correio" tried hard to prove that the photos were from Vladimir Herzog, a leftist journalist that committed suicide after an interrrogatory procedure in 1975. His widow - a poor useful idiot - confirmed the photos supposed to show her deceased husband.
But was not him. The day after the leakage, various websites and newsgroups dennounced that it was a fake. The truth is that the photo was from a leftist catholic priest, caught during a sex intercourse with a nun, in 1972.

The photo was taken by the informatin office during the "dictatorship".

But the armie´s first statement was right: journalist Vladimir Herzog had connections with the a web of terror groups that did kill hundreds of innocents victims. And it´s a lie to blame the "dictatorship" as the source of terrorism and guerrila: our exception regimen started as a reaction from a pre-revolutionary environment that got worse when leftist president Jango took power in 1962. Illegal activities of Cuban and Chinese trained agents started back in 1962. In 1964 they were ready to attempt to install a totalitarian regime in Brazil. Our brave army engaged themselves in a war to keep Communism hand´s off Brazil. That´s all. Theyre not "democrats", they are just crazy radicals tried to act like Che Guevara...

And the leftist government of Lula da Silva is trying to create an "electoral fact" to help his comrades on the next sunday election.

At least we have the internet to make the truth to come to the surface....

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